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These Terms and Conditions relate to use of the e-learning service supplied at
Any order for a licence must accept these terms and conditions.

Your use of GIS247 and any other Services provided by Sological Solutions through this licence will be governed by the full Terms and Conditions.  These can be viewed at  The following is a summary for your guidance only and do not replace or supersede the full Terms and Conditions.  If there is any contradiction between the full Terms and these Summary terms, the full Terms will take precedence.  This will not affect the application or interpretation of the other terms that apply.


1.      Three (3) types of licence are available for access to GIS247: Ultimate, Set User, Academic/Charity.  An Ultimate, Set User and Academic/Charity licence are referred to as an ‘Organization Licence’.

2.      A completed Licence Form is required from each organization or user.  This will be emailed to the customer on completion of checkout.  Incomplete or unsigned order forms will not be processed and may delay the issue of your licence to  The total payable must be paid in full prior to the issue of a licence and access being granted.

3. is a trading name of Sological Solutions.  You agree that Sological Solutions can use your organization’s name on any of its marketing, publicity and other promotional material unless you state otherwise on the order form.

4.      Sological Solutions reserves the right to restrict a licence to certain organizations/users.  The grant of a licence to is solely at the discretion of Sological Solutions. 



5.      An Organization Licence to is granted for a set period from the date the licence commences.

6.      The duration of a licence cannot be altered once the licence has commenced.

7.      A licence period will run continuously.  A licence may not be suspended.

8.      A start date for a licence can be requested on the Licence Form but payment must be received before a licence is granted.  If payment is received after a requested start date the licence will be started once payment has been received.

9.      If a start date for a licence is not requested on the Licence Form the licence will be started as soon as payment has been received.

10.      The grant of a GIS247 licence to access the Services available at provides access to the training material for an organization’s employees for the period of the licence.  Organizations and their employees and other users are not permitted to access or use any training material from outside the period of an active licence.

11.      No refunds will be offered once a licence has commenced.



12.      An Ultimate licence will permit an organization to create an unlimited number of user accounts at  These must be for employees from their organization.  An account or access must not be given to anyone who is not a direct employee.

13.      A Set User licence will permit an organization to create the set number of user accounts up to the maximum of the licence purchased. These must be for employees from their organization.  An account or access must not be given to anyone who is not a direct employee.

14.      Once a Set User account has been allocated to a specific employee it cannot be exchanged for the duration of the current licence.  Accounts must not be shared.

15.      Additional user accounts can be purchased and added to a Set User licence at any time during a licence period.

16.      An Academic and Charity licence is restricted to a maximum of 60 user accounts per software.  Sological Solutions reserves the right to restrict concurrent access via an Academic/Charity licence to a maximum of 30 users.  Once an account has been allocated to a user it cannot be changed for the duration of the current licence.  Accounts must not be shared.



17.      A Set User licence can be upgraded to an Ultimate licence at any time during a licence period.

18.      Multiple Academic and Charity licences may be purchased if required.

19.      A licenced organization can upgrade their licence to include access to training for an additional software product/s or any of the training user support options at any time. 

20.      All licence upgrades will not be backdated to the start date of the current licence period.  Upgrade fees are payable in full and not based on a pro-rata calculation.



21.      Each registered user must have their official organization email address as their user name based on their agreed GIS247 licence suffix.

22.      User accounts must not be shared or created using a generic email address that can be accessed by multiple users.

23.      If a user is logged-in and there is no activity on that login for 1 hour, the user will be automatically logged out.



24.      An Ultimate Linked licence is a licence that is linked to the duration of the specified ‘parent’ organization licence holder.  The parent organization must hold an Ultimate licence.  An Ultimate Linked licence runs for the duration of the parent organization’s licence only.  If an Ultimate Linked licence is started later than the parent organization’s licence the duration will not be extended and payment is required in full.  No pro-rata calculation will be made.

25.      An Ultimate Linked licence may be available at the discretion of Sological Solutions.

26.      An Ultimate Linked licence is only available at the discounted rate in conjunction with a parent organization licence holder.  An organization can purchase their own Ultimate licence to GIS247 in their own right at any time at the full rate.



27.      Each organization can register one email domain (email address suffix, e.g. per licence. 

28.      An organization can request the registration of additional email suffixes for their Organization Licence but these must be used by employees of their organization only.  The addition of further email suffixes to an Organization Licence is at the sole discretion of Sological Solutions. 

29.      The registration of each additional email suffix for an Organization Licence will incur an additional charge.  This is payable in full and not based on any pro rata calculation.  The registration of each additional email suffix is renewable with the licence.

30.      Licences and user accounts are non-transferable.



31.      Each organization must appoint a primary GIS247 Training Administrator who will be the key point of contact between the organization and

32.      The primary GIS247 Training Administrator will be given administration access to and is responsible for the administration of access of their organization’s employees to and the appropriate training material.

33.      Additional users can be given GIS247 administration access but this must be requested in writing (by email) by the primary GIS247 Training Administrator after the commencement of the licence.

34.      Any GIS247 Training Administrator must not give their administration access to anyone other than themselves.  It is the responsibility of the GIS247 Training Administrator to add and/or remove their organization’s employees as registered users of



35.      Assessments submitted at any time during the active period of a licence will be marked.  A certificate will be awarded if the submitting user has met the required standard.  Assessments submitted outside the licence period will not be marked.



36.      If any of the terms or conditions of a licence is breached Sological Solutions reserves the right to suspend or terminate a licence.  No refund will be made. It is the responsibility of each organization that its employees are aware of and comply with the terms and conditions of their licence.

37.      Notification of the end of the licence period will be made to each organization or licence holder prior to the expiry of the licence period.  Each organization or licence holder can apply to renew their licence and may then be granted a licence for a subsequent period.  A licence renewal may be offered at a discount.  However if a renewal payment is not received with 10 working days of a licence expiry any renewal discount may be withdrawn.

38.      Once your licence has expired, all data and other material sourced from or provided by must be permanently deleted.  This includes any backups and copies that have been made by any of your organization’s users.  You agree to complete, sign and return the Licence Expiry Form provided to you by GIS247 for you to confirm that your organization has complied fully.



39.      Licence renewal is not compulsory.

40.      If an organization wishes to renew their licence but change their licence type and/or access to different software training this is permitted. 

41.      If a Set User licence is renewed the number of accounts can be altered and may be re-allocated to different users for the duration of a renewed licence.  This must be done at the beginning of a renewal licence period. 

42.      If the offer of any licence renewal discount is withdrawn the organization can purchase a new licence to GIS247 at the standard licence rate at any time.

43.      A renewed licence will run immediately on from the licence being renewed.  There will be no break in the licence period.



44.      No material from GIS247 may be copied without the express written permission of Sological Solutions.

45.      All training material is developed by Sological Solutions and is our own interpretation of the functions and abilities of the software.  Sological Solutions reserves the right to alter or amend the training material and its contents that is available to users.  We accept no liability whatsoever for the interpretation of the training material in the use of the software by any organization’s employees.   Training is for guidance only.

46.      The intellectual property of all the training material resides with Sological Solutions.  All content of the GIS247 Service is copyright Sological Solutions.

47.      Any and all training material is copyright and Sological Solutions.  Training material must not be copied, captured, reproduced or distributed in any way whatsoever.

48.      Access to various datasets is permitted as part of a licence.  This data can be downloaded and installed according to the instructions to allow registered users to undertake the exercises supplied as part of the licence.  All data is copyright Sological Solutions and cannot be used for any commercial means, distributed or reproduced in anyway.  It is not to be used for any means other than the training exercises.

49.      Any and all material that has been downloaded from as part of the operation of a licence must be deleted in their entirety when a licence has expired.

50.      Upon the expiry of a licence the licence holder may be required to complete a declaration form (supplied by Sological Solutions) to confirm that any and all copies of any material from GIS247 has been permanently deleted.

51.      Access to material is not permitted at public events or in demonstrations or seminars, or similar, where the material may be viewed by people who do not have permission to access the site themselves.

52.      Training material is available for different versions of the GIS software and is at our discretion.

53. does not supply or provide any access to GIS software.  Organizations and their users must have their own software licence and use it in accordance with their licence agreement.  By using an organization certifies that they and their employees are duly and fully licenced to use the GIS software relevant to their licence and that vendor licencing agreements will not be breached.



54.      It may be necessary from time to time for essential maintenance to be undertaken on the website.  Prior notification will not necessarily be given to users and the service suspended for a short time. During periods of peak demand user access may be limited to a set number of users per organization.

55.      Sological Solutions bears no responsibility for the speed of your internet connection or its suitability for accessing the site or any of its contents. 



56.      Sological Solutions reserves the right to refuse access to any individual or organization we believe is purchasing access with the intention of contravening any of the Terms.

57.      Sological Solutions reserves the right to grant a restricted licence whereby access is restricted to a set number of users for any reason, including but not limited to, belief that the number of users an organization might permit will be detrimental to the provision of the GIS247 Service to other users.

58.      Additional training material made available at GIS247 may be made available to existing licence holders for free at the sole discretion of Sological Solutions.

59.      Additional training material may be made available to existing licence holders on payment of a licence fee that grants access to additional training material.

60.      Any training that is developed for a specific organization will be made available to users from that organization only via the GIS247 web site. This training will be accessible during the ‘live period’ of that organization’s licence only.  The training will not be made available in any other form.


© Sological Solutions.


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